Saturday, April 9, 2011

Not Necessarily Front Page News

Greetings Readers,

I have not been able to write a new article for some time now but I am not giving up the blog. I have been keeping notes and have quite a list of articles I plan to write. In addition some of you have made requests for articles you would like to see and I am considering those too.

A preview of what is around the corner: UFOs vs Flying Saucers, Why Americans Suck, Ghosts are Real (but what are they really?), Religion/Atheism/Humanism, Modern Language, Mail Order Brides, Bigfoot, Michael Moore, Abortion, Black African Americans, State of Fear (the US Media), Why guns are good, and so much more!

I hope you check back regularly. I will make an effort to make a status update in Facebook whenever I post an article but you might miss the update. Lately I have been putting a lot of my efforts into getting healthier (mentally and physically), going back to school full time to complete a BS in English, and working on my novel. In addition I am holding on to a part time job so I can pay all my bills. This blog is still important to me though and building an audience (no matter how small) is something that is also very important to me. So please take a moment and recommend my blog to anyone you know who might enjoy a little bit of intellectual stimulation.

In closing, I need to mention that most of my forthcoming articles will be opinion pieces. My previous articles essentially set the ground work for how I look at things, my attention to being unbiased, factually truthful, and using a wide range of sources. Having said that, I am still learning and have so much to learn yet. So some of my articles might seem a bit immature. If that is the case then please take a few moments to write an intelligent rebuttal (or critique or follow up) to any article to help guide me in my journey for truth and understanding. My overall goal with this blog is to collect enough articles to put together a non-fiction guidebook on thinking and seeing the world more clearly. Along those lines my ulterior motives are to make the world a better place - even if it means facing some truths many of us might wish to avoid.


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