Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Few Words from James Todd

Dear Readers,

The first week of my blog went better than I expected I have to admit. Over 100 people viewed my blog in the first week. I have no idea of course how many people actually read the whole article, but I am happy with just knowing that so many people took the time to visit the page!

If you wish to comment on my articles you may message me at: James Todd on Facebook

I will also turn on commenting on the blog but you will need to have a Blogger account to do so. If you find issue with anything I state I kindly ask that you present an intelligent comment and support for your claims.

I am not listing any of my sources as I want to remain as informal as possible but I assure you everything I have written has been confirmed to the best of my knowledge to be true. My goal is to accrue enough articles to put into book form and at that time I will properly footnote everything, provide sources as needed and hopefully have every single statement confirmed or removed. Having said that, there is room for errors to show up, after all, this is just a blog. A blog with high aspirations but a blog nonetheless.

I hope you continue to read my posts and please check back weekly as I will try my best to publish at least one article per week.


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